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Aluminum doors can be divided into aluminum sliding doors, aluminium frame bifold doors, folding aluminum doors, balcony doors, etc. according to the opening mode.


The aluminum profile for doors has the characteristics of light material, good sealing, aesthetic color, easy processing, and long service life. One of the greatest benefits of choosing an aluminum door or window for your home is the low-maintenance durability this versatile metal provides.  Of course, choosing quality and affordable aluminum fittings for doors and windows will also help your windows and doors score extra points.


What kind of door are you interested in? Aluminium bi-fold door, sliding door, or swing door? Interested in aluminium doors price, aluminium folding door price, and aluminium sliding door price? In either case, for selection or maintenance guidance, we welcome you to contact us at XIANGZHEN to assist you in the decision-making process.

Aluminum doors have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. They offer a range of benefits, including durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. 

Sliding Doors

Aluminum sliding doors are a popular option for both residential and commercial properties. They slide along tracks, which makes them easy to operate and perfect for properties with limited space. Sliding doors are ideal for creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, such as patios, balconies, and gardens.

Swing Doors

Swing doors are another popular type of aluminum door. They swing open on hinges attached to one side of the frame and can be single or double doors. Swing doors are perfect for properties with ample space, such as entranceways, and provide a classic and elegant look. They are also ideal for areas that require high levels of security, as they can be fitted with locks and other security features.

Folding Doors

Aluminum folding doors are a versatile option for properties of all sizes. They fold along hinges and can be opened in a variety of configurations, making them perfect for creating flexible living and working spaces. Folding doors are ideal for areas with wide openings, such as verandas and conference rooms, and can provide stunning views of the outdoors.

Benefits of Aluminum Doors

There are many advantages to choosing aluminum doors for your property. Here are some of the most significant:
Durability: Aluminum is a strong and durable material that is resistant to weather and other types of damage. This makes it an ideal choice for areas that experience extreme weather conditions.
Low Maintenance: Aluminum doors require minimal maintenance, making them a convenient and cost-effective option. They can be easily cleaned with soap and water and do not require regular painting or staining.
Aesthetics: Aluminum doors are available in a range of colors and finishes, making it easy to find the perfect match for your property. They also offer a sleek and modern look that can enhance the overall aesthetic of your property.
Energy Efficiency: Aluminum doors are designed to keep out drafts and retain heat or cool air, making them an energy-efficient option. This can lead to significant cost savings on energy bills over time.