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Glass Curtain Wall

Glass Curtain Wall


A curtain wall is a non-structural exterior covering of a building. A glass curtain wall is a lightweight aluminum framed exterior wall equipped with glass or metal panels, which can be made of lightweight aluminum and help reduce construction costs.

Generally, glazed curtain walls are attached to the outside of the floor slab. The aluminum facade is usually part of the wall system that makes up the wall. Each glazing system needs to be integrated with other adjacent wall cladding, roof, or wall details.

Fabrication and installation methods divide aluminum glazed curtain walls into two broad categories: rod systems and unitized or modular systems. 
Rod-built curtain walls: frames consisting of multiple glass or opaque panels are sent directly to the site for assembly and installation.
Unitized Curtain Wall System: Panelled curtain walls consist of prefabricated units built in a controlled shop environment. These unitized curtain walls are sent to the site ready to be fixed to the floor slab. Aluminum curtain walls are received and installed on the building site by the installer.


Aluminum glass curtain wall systems range from standard prefabricated systems to specialized custom wall units. Increased costs are usually accompanied by additional customization and larger sizes.


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Curtain walls are a popular building envelope solution that offers a range of benefits for commercial and residential buildings. They are commonly used for high-rise buildings to provide an aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient design. 

Applications of Curtain walls
Curtain walls are widely used in commercial and residential buildings. They are used in high-rise buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, and schools, to name a few. Curtain walls are versatile and can be customized to meet the specific design requirements of the building.

Pros of Curtain walls
Aesthetic Appeal: Curtain walls offer an aesthetically pleasing design that can enhance the appearance of any building. They come in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes that can be customized to match the building's design.
Energy Efficiency: Curtain walls offer excellent energy efficiency as they can be designed to minimize heat transfer, resulting in lower energy costs.
Durability: Curtain walls are designed to withstand the elements, including wind, rain, and snow. They are also resistant to corrosion and other types of damage, making them a long-lasting solution.
Daylighting: Curtain walls allow natural light to enter the building, creating a brighter and more inviting interior space. This can lead to improved productivity, health, and well-being of occupants.

Benefits of Curtain walls
Improved Indoor Air Quality: Curtain walls are designed to prevent moisture and water from entering the building. This can lead to improved indoor air quality, reducing the risk of mold and other harmful pollutants.
Cost-effective: Curtain walls are a cost-effective solution for building envelopes as they can be manufactured offsite and installed quickly, reducing labor costs.
Increased Property Value: Curtain walls can increase the property value of a building as they are a desirable feature for many buyers.