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How To Decorate Doors And Windows For Christmas?
24 Dec, 2021

How To Decorate Doors And Windows For Christmas?


Christmas is coming!

It is necessary to decorate a home environment full of Christmas atmosphere to spend a happy holiday with your family and friends.

Christmas home as long as a little more thought, in the color, layout, decoration, and other aspects of a little whole will bring a real romance and warmth.

When decorating your house for Christmas, do not forget to add some Christmas atmosphere to your aluminum windows and doors.


aluminum door with window


How can you decorate your windows?


Decorating windows helps create a vacation focal point where you and passersby can enjoy the window decorations.


aluminum sliding door


●  Decorate the windowsill


You can choose to add some evergreens, pine cones, or even a small Christmas tree by adding a series of snowflakes floating above for the perfect picture-perfect finishing touch to your revelry party.


●  Arrange the decorations


Don't just focus on the Christmas tree, remember to tie some colorful ribbons for your windows and hang your favorite decorations in front of them to create a very special and celebratory moment in your Christmas decorations

A great idea is to place Christmas candles in the windows. Of course, bows for each window can also be a great option. (Remember not to ignore safety issues when using them)


●  Drape Window Decorations


We suggest you try using glittering colored beads to add a pretty festive touch to your window treatments.

Alternatively, use suction cups to hang Christmas stockings in front of your windows for a new perspective experience.


Decoration of different styles of doors


heavy duty bi-floding aluminum door


Heavy duty Bi-floding alunium door with double glass


When decorating, if you feel that black and white gray as the main color of the window frame is not easy to create a festive atmosphere, you can buy some colorful hangings. All of these small decorations can add holiday magic to your home, so you are full of fun and joy.

This time, gold ornaments and white snowflakes can come in handy, while adding a little green for integration, a strong Christmas atmosphere is set out.


vantage aluminum sliding door


Vintage aluminum sliding door


Many customers customize doors and windows in wood grain color, full of European vintage atmosphere of aluminum sliding doors, when the retro flavor of the door meets Christmas, of course, the nostalgic atmosphere.

Customers who customize our vintage model doors, I believe there are also a lot of handicrafts and ornaments at home, so put the right ornaments on the side, and then in the glass with white, red, green decoration, retro nostalgia is also full of holiday atmosphere.


How can you decorate your doors?


●  Outside the main entrance


Christmas wreaths are legendary for warding off bad luck, and you can hang snowflake charms or Christmas wreaths on the door frame or door handle.

Christmas wreaths are generally larger, bright, and conspicuous decorations, and it is a great way to welcome guests by hanging them on the door. We can glue a hook on the outside of the door and hang the Christmas wreath directly on it.


●  Front door


Put Christmas decorations on the door glass or decorate the top of the door with Christmas canes. Such as snowflakes, Christmas stockings, and holiday greetings.

Mix apples and evergreens together to create a distinctive effect that will leave a good impression on your guests.


●  Balcony Door


Use a small Christmas tree to turn the empty space by the balcony door into a Christmas paradise.

If you have a seat in your home near the balcony door, make the most of it and turn it into the perfect cozy Christmas paradise. Decorating the door frame with pine boughs or Santa Claus statues. Build a corner for taking pictures to keep your memories alive.


glass sliding door




Warm Christmas decorations bring you joyful memories, please do not ignore the safety issues when decorating hanging items.


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