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Why Is Aluminum Often Used as an Extrusion Profile?
19 Apr, 2022

Why Is Aluminum Often Used as an Extrusion Profile?

Aluminum is commonly used as a raw material for the extrusion process and the alumina must first be smelted and then subjected to an alloying process.

In this process, small amounts of alloying elements such as copper, magnesium, silicon, and manganese are sometimes added to form specific material properties.


Aluminum Extruded Profile


Aluminum profiles for windows, aluminum extrusion curtain walls, aluminum construction profiles, building aluminium extrusion, and other types of aluminum extrusion profiles can be easily found in our daily life.

An aluminum extruded profile is a plastic processing method in which external force is applied to a metal billet placed in a container so that the metal billet flows out from a specific die hole to obtain the required section shape and size.


Why Is Aluminum Often Used as an Extrusion Profile?


aluminum profile for door and window

XIANGZHEN Anodized Color Aluminum Sliding Door Extrusion Profile

Easy to Customize


Due to its characteristics, aluminum extruded profiles have good casting properties, a good surface finish, a brilliant color appearance, and can be machined into different shapes.

Although other extrusion profiles are available, this makes aluminum profiles the preferred choice for many product solutions in order to meet specific functional and aesthetic requirements.


Good Corrosion Resistance


The aluminum surface is protected by its own natural oxide layer, which can be enhanced by anodizing or other finishing processes.


Light Weight


Aluminum profiles are less dense and lighter in mass than other commonly used metals. Aluminum is an attractive material that is about 1/3 the weight of iron, steel, copper, or brass, making aluminum profiles easier to handle and less expensive to transport.


Highly Malleable


Combining strength and flexibility, aluminum has excellent ductility and can be used in light alloys with many metal elements. The high malleability of aluminum profiles gives them an advantage over other metals when it comes to production and manufacturing.




Due to the nature of the extrusion process, it is possible to concentrate strength where it is really needed in the design of aluminum profiles.

The unique high strength and low weight characteristics of aluminum profiles make them ideal for applications such as aluminum profile for doors, aluminum construction profiles, and building aluminium extrusion.


Good Thermal and Electrical Conductivity


Often used as aluminum profiles for radiators, aluminum has better thermal and electrical conductivity than other metals, making aluminum extrusion ideal for applications where heat exchangers or heat dissipation is required.


High Safety


Aluminum profiles have no volatile metals on the surface oxide layer compared to other metals, so there is no metal contamination and no toxic fumes are produced even at very high temperatures.


Environmentally Friendly


Aluminum profiles are long-lasting and low-maintenance and can be recycled indefinitely without any reduction in performance. This yields significant usage benefits for our environment.




XIANGZHEN is a manufacturer of aluminum extrusion profiles, integrating research, design, production, and marketing of aluminum extrusion and profiles, aluminum doors, and windows.

We will always be your trusted aluminum extruded profile partner. Contact XIANGZHEN to find out more info about custom aluminum extrusion profiles.

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