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Common Applications of Aluminum Extruded Profile
25 May, 2022

Common Applications of Aluminum Extruded Profile


Aluminum extruded profile transforms aluminum alloys into a variety of products for consumer and industrial markets. Aluminum extruded profiles have many uses in industries such as construction, electronics, transportation, and solar/renewable energy.


The extrusion process takes full advantage of the excellent ductility of aluminum, and aluminum extrusions have a variety of uses due to their good properties.


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Some of the most common applications include:




Extruded aluminum products for construction are versatile, both in application and production. For example, lightweight extruded aluminum paneling and guide rails are common in the shed, and furniture construction, however, denser structures are becoming more common.

In construction, extruded aluminum can withstand deformation from a variety of causes. Common uses include elevator shafts, aluminum construction profiles, aluminum extrusion for formwork, aluminum profile for windows and doors, aluminum extrusion curtain walls, etc.





Weight management is a key aspect of transportation, whether it is an aircraft or a car, weight and lightweight are big issues in transportation.

Aluminum plays a very important role in the automotive industry. The high strength-to-weight ratio of extruded aluminum makes it the perfect metal for use in the automotive industry. Being light and strong, allows vehicles to carry more, faster, and at a lower cost.


Aluminum is resistant to the long-term environmental effects of temperature, humidity, and road salt corrosion. Aluminum extruded profiles meet the requirements of the transportation industry. From body and frame components to radiator housings, driveshafts, and cylinder liners, they may all be made from aluminum extrusions.





Have you ever visited a factory, you've certainly seen aluminum extrusions put to use. Because aluminum is easy to cut and drill, and lightweight but tough, it is the material of choice for equipment such as workbenches, inspection tables, and carts.

Almost every industrial structure uses an industrial aluminum profile in various parts, whether it is a workbench or a railing built for machine guarding. Aluminum's ability to resist rust and corrosion and its tangible, lightweight properties offer great value for money.





Extruded aluminum is an effective heat conductor and extruded aluminum is sometimes used for bus bars and related electrical equipment. Heat sink aluminium profile can make excellent heat sinks or heat exchangers.

In addition, the use of aluminum extrusions in photovoltaic (solar aluminum profile) panel support structures, especially in the case of roof-mounted panels, requires strength and corrosion resistance, coupled with low mass.



Display Equipment


Almost every stand you have ever seen at a trade show or exhibition is many times constructed from extruded aluminum profiles. That's because extruded sections can be designed with complex geometries to allow parts to interlock, making assembly quick and easy. In addition, these structures are easy to move, can be completed in a variety of ways, and portray an attractive and durable appearance.





After seeing here, I believe you know a little more about aluminum extruded profiles. As an aluminum extruded profile manufacturer and supplier, most of our extrusions go through various manufacturing or finishing processes to transform them into usable parts.

If your industry requires the use of extruded aluminum, you can try contacting XIANGZHEN, where we offer customized extruded aluminum solutions to meet your needs.

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