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Sunroom/Winter Garden

Aluminum Sunroom for Four-season with Laminated Glass

Dimensions: Customized, According to the client's specific requirement. (10-30 SQM)

Material: Aluminum(6063-T5)

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Four season aluminum big glass laminated glass sunroom house

Profile Information

Dimensions: Customized, According to the client's specific requirement. (10-30 SQM)

Material: Aluminum(6063-T5)


Profile Wall thickness: 2.0mm/3.0mm

Color: white/black/grey/champagne/silver/rosewood/teak/oak/walnut Chinese ash

Glass Option:

Hollow glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, Low-E glass, floated glass, reflective glass single glazing /double glazing

Double glass: 5mm+1.14PVB+5mm

Any other glass thickness according to customer's requirements.

Hardware Handle, lock, sealing strip, friction hinge, etc.

High quality made in China/ Germany(ROTO)

Mosquito netting: 304# Stainless steel, Metal, and nylon material

Finishing: Powder coated, Fluorocarbon, and Anodizing

Packing: Bubble bag+Wooden frame


The aluminum sunroom is also called an aluminum sun roof in the market.

When you compare which style is best for your home, it’s really up to you and your preferences.

We are sincere to encourage you to visit our show room product, to see a wide selection of designs sun house, the door and window are available for the client to choose in the sun house.


Economical choice: An aluminum-fiberglass composite sunroom is an economical choice, as it is a phenomenal insulator against both electrical and thermal energy. This gives the material a greater R-value and makes it a great choice for sunrooms in regions that experience extreme heat or cold. Consequently, lower energy costs reduce the carbon footprint your sunroom creates. Furthermore, it can lower your HVAC repairs and maintenance because the HVAC system is under reduced stress.


Structure: Aluminum provides strength and rigidity to a sunroom, and it is a strong material that can provide additional support when necessary. Aluminum is fairly lightweight, which allows manufacturers to make thicker and stronger aluminum pieces for an area that has a weight capacity.


Upfront cost: Aluminum is a comparatively inexpensive option. It has ease of application, which reduces construction costs.

The appearance is concise and generous, can be made according to different architectural styles and personal preferences, such as single-sided inclined top, herringbone top, corner top, hexagonal top and etc.