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Which Alloy Is Commonly Used for Aluminum Extruded Profile?
10 Jan, 2023

Which Alloy Is Commonly Used for Aluminum Extruded Profile?

The aluminum profile is a new alloy material composed of aluminum as the main alloy element and added with various alloys such as copper, magnesium, silicon, and zinc.

There is more than one way to classify aluminum profiles, from Series 1 to Series 7, and each series has its corresponding alloying elements and characteristics, as well as the most suitable places for their use.

The more industrially used alloy material is the 6-series aluminum profile which is mainly with aluminum-silicon alloys with a small amount of magnesium.


Features and Applications of 6 Series Aluminum Alloy


6 series profile is an aluminum extruded profile formed by a high-temperature extrusion process with aluminum-silicon alloy as the main alloy element.

The addition of alloy can improve the strength of aluminum extrusion profiles while having high corrosion resistance, weather resistance, good welding properties, and ease of form.

There is more than one alloy for 6 series aluminum extrusion profiles, the most commonly used are 6005, 6009, 6010, 6061, 6063, 6082, 6201, 6262, 6463, etc. You can find the aluminum profile for window, aluminum construction profile, 6061 aluminum formwork profile, and aluminum solar profile, each series of aluminum profiles have its most applicable places.


6061 aluminum formwork profile


Which Alloy Do You Usually Use for Your Aluminum Profiles?


Which alloy to use for aluminum extrusions really depends on the nature of your project and application. The 6000 series of extruded aluminum alloys are versatile and suitable for most commercial applications, making them the ideal alloy of choice for most of the work that aluminum extrusion manufacturers do for their customers.

The 6000 series aluminum extrusion alloys contain aluminum, manganese, and silicon, etc. These additional elements allow the alloy to be heat treated to increase its strength and have good corrosion resistance and formability, also very suitable for manufacturing such as welding.

In summary, the selection of an extruded aluminum alloy depends on a number of factors, including the product application), design, and desired surface finish.


Advantages of Using Aluminum Extruded Profile


1. Low construction and maintenance costs, environmental protection, and design flexibility

2. Anodizing and powder coating thickness provide a long-lasting finish and consistent color

3. Light-weight of aluminum alloys, foundation costs can be significantly reduced  

4. Corrosion-resistant, 100% recyclable


Type Aluminium Products/Aluminium Profile/Aluminium Extrusion Profile
Dimensions Customized, According to the client's specific requirement.
Material Aluminum (6063/6061/6060/6065)
Series 70mm/90mm/110mm/125mm/132mm
Profile Wall thickness 1.0-3.0mm
Color white/black/grey/champagne/silver/rosewood/teak/oak/walnut Chinese ash
Surface Mill finished, Finishing Powder coated, Fluorocarbon
Anodizing (9-25um), Any Wooden Colors
Standard GB/T5237-2008 Chinese Standard,JIS, AAMA,EN1706
Profile Common profile like a square tube, round tube,rails,corner,handrail,etc.
Doors&windows profile, Curtain wall profile,
Closet door profile, furniture profile,
The heat sink, Industrial profile, etc.
Trade terms Ex-factory, FOB GUANGZHOU/SHENZHEN, CIF, CNF



aluminum construction profile


If you are unsure whether an available aluminum extruded profile series is suitable for your intended application, or if you have any questions about the right extruded aluminum for your particular project, we will be happy to provide advice.

XIANGZHEN specializes in the production of custom aluminum extruded profiles, standard aluminum profile for doors and windows, aluminum construction profiles, facade curtain walls, and industrial aluminum extrusions.

We will provide a complete solution and one-stop service for your requirements, contact us today for your aluminum extruded profile order.

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