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Which Alloy Materials Are Better Used for Photovoltaic Module Frames?
20 Jul, 2022

Which Alloy Materials Are Better Used for Photovoltaic Module Frames?

We know that PV aluminum frames are 6 series aluminum alloy, at the beginning, the frame is mostly made of 6063-T5, this material is especially common because of its plasticity, easy to extrude production, corrosion resistance, and tensile strength can also be. And the photovoltaic bracket is generally made of 6005 aluminum alloy, 6005 material is stronger and very suitable for structural parts.


Although 6005 and 6063 both belong to aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy, the content of alloy composition is still different. 6005 has higher silicon (Si) content than 6063, while magnesium (Mg) content is lower than 6063, so it determines the hardness of 6063 is lower than 6005.


aluminum extrusion for formwork


aluminum solar profile


As the solar panels become larger and larger, and to reduce the cost, the bezel becomes smaller and thinner, which makes the hardness and tensile strength of the PV module bezel higher and higher. And 6063 material hardness can only do ≥ 12HW, which can no longer meet the demand. Therefore, 6005 PV module bezel has emerged. 6005 bezel hardness can achieve ≥14HW, and tensile strength is also higher.

Because the hardness of 6005 is higher, extrusion is more difficult, so the production cost is also higher than the 6063 aluminum profile, but the cost of the unit area of the panel is already a cost reduction.


Now 6063 and 6005 material photovoltaic aluminum frames are in use, and can also be selected according to the needs of customers.


solar aluminum profile


solar energy aluminium profile

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