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Why Choose Aluminum Alloy for Photovoltaic Module Frame?
18 Jul, 2022

Why Choose Aluminum Alloy for Photovoltaic Module Frame?

Photovoltaic panels above the frame we generally call solar bezel, and the vast majority of solar bezel material is aluminum alloy, this is why?

1. Aluminum alloy profile is extruded profile, that can make a complex cross-section, and is convenient to install the corner code, which is very difficult to do with stainless steel.

2. Aluminum alloy density is small and lightweight, but hardness and tensile strength can meet the requirements of bearing panels. And steel is relatively bulky. The weight of the photovoltaic glass is relatively large, if the solar frame is also heavy, then it greatly increases the cost of handling and installation.


aluminum profile for window

building aluminium extrusion


The surface of the solar frame will be anodized, which can effectively block the air and aluminum alloy substrate contact, reducing the risk of oxidation. Solar energy aluminum frame life can reach more than 25 years. Some high-strength plastic frames are also very light, but the oxidation resistance is relatively poor, and the service life is not guaranteed.


Recently at some large PV exhibitions, we will see some new material solar frame products, product introduction a bunch of advantages, including completely crush aluminum. But whether this is really the case, but also depends on the actual use of how effective. If you can really reduce the cost of the frame, but also ensure the service life that should soon be popular in the field of photovoltaics.


aluminum construction profile

partition aluminum profile

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