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Why Does Aluminum Extruded Profile Need Surface Treatment?
20 Jun, 2022

Why Does Aluminum Extruded Profile Need Surface Treatment?

Aluminum alloy is widely used in doors, windows, curtain walls, and other products of buildings for its easy processing and mechanical strength, industrial aluminum profiles and aluminum construction profiles are also widely used.


Why Do Aluminum Profiles Need Surface Treatment?


The higher the purity of aluminum, the better the corrosion resistance. Pure aluminum acts with oxygen in the air to generate a dense oxide film, which is faster and thicker than other metal oxide films, thus preventing further corrosion by oxygen and moisture in the air and playing a protective role. 


Although pure aluminum has good corrosion resistance, the mechanical strength is relatively poor, to a certain extent, restricting the application of aluminum. Adding an appropriate amount of magnesium, copper, zinc, and other metals to aluminum to make various types of aluminum alloys, the mechanical strength of aluminum alloys is greatly improved while the application range is expanded, but the corrosion resistance is poorer than pure aluminum, and thus may be corroded due to oxidation.


aluminum construction profile

Aluminum Profile Wooden Grain Aluminum Profile


Protective Properties:


The natural oxide film formed on the surface of aluminum metal is insufficient in extreme environments. Aluminum extruded profiles without surface treatment are prone to corrosion in environments such as humidity and salt corrosion, making it difficult to meet the high decorative and weathering requirements of building aluminium extrusion materials.




The surface treatment of aluminum plays a crucial role in improving its appearance. It is particularly suitable for brightly colored and attractive consumer products. General industrial aluminum profiles will be anodized treatment, aluminum construction profiles for surface spraying, electrophoresis, wood grain transfer printing, and other processing.


As a material of excellence, surface quality and appearance are extremely important. Therefore, in some cases, surface treatment is required to protect the aluminum extruded profile.

aluminum profile for door

Aluminum Profile for Door Anodized Color Aluminum Sliding Door



A clean, smooth surface is essential for qualified aluminum extruded profiles. Although the natural oxide film of aluminum can act as a barrier against corrosion, it does not mean that no protection is needed.


As an aluminum extruded profile manufacturer, XIANGZHEN mainly produces custom aluminum extruded profiles that support surface treatments such as polishing, finishing powder coating, anodizing, and any wood color.  


As for aluminum construction profiles, aluminum extrusion curtain walls, aluminum profile for windows and doors, etc. XIANGZHEN can provide professional solutions for your manufacturing or production.

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