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What Are the Commonly Used Aluminum Finishes?
04 Jul, 2022

What Are the Commonly Used Aluminum Finishes?

There are many advantages to using aluminum extruded profiles, and aluminum extruded profiles have become a popular choice for many industries. You can find finished aluminium window&door, industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum construction profiles, aluminum solar profiles, aluminum extrusion curtain walls, aluminum extrusion for formwork, and more in everyday life.


Although aluminum is one of the advantageous alloys on the market, surface treatment of aluminum can positively affect the quality of aluminum extruded profile products, while improving in terms of durability and aesthetics.


Choosing the right finish will ensure that your extruded aluminum parts end up with the right look and proper corrosion resistance. In this article, you will learn about some common surface treatment techniques for aluminum extrusions. 


Powder Coating Finish


Powder coating is one of the popular choices when it comes to finishing aluminum profiles. Powder coating finishes use a mixture of resins and pigments that are applied using a spray gun and then fused in a curing oven to form a smooth coating.


Powder coating offers the advantages of greater durability, greater environmental efficiency, and less waste generation. It also offers a wide range of color options, and you can get metallic or textured finishes. Powder-coated finishes are often easier to repair than other types of finishes, which means you can get more out of their longevity.


Anodizing Finish


Anodizing is a process in which aluminum and its alloys form an oxide film on the aluminum product (anode) under the appropriate electrolyte and specific conditions due to the applied current.


Rather than applying a third-party coating form, anodizing focuses on thickening the natural oxide layer already present on aluminum to produce a dense film.


Anodizing improves the corrosion resistance of aluminum profiles and reduces the amount of wear and tear on aluminum parts, while also providing excellent UV protection, making it ideal for outdoor use.


building aluminium extrusion


Liquid Coating


Liquid coatings are particularly suitable for parts that cannot withstand the high temperatures required by other surface treatment techniques, such as powder coatings. These coatings come in a variety of colors and provide uniform film thickness. Liquid coatings typically contain volatile organic compounds. They are driven off during the curing or baking process. When the VOCs disappear, the bulk solids form a film on the extrudate.


It is easy to apply and can even be mixed with colors for a more personalized finish. Liquid coatings are a common choice for a variety of industrial aluminum profiles.


Mechanical Finish


Aluminum can be mechanically finished like other metals, such as polished, sandblasted, buffed, etc. These finishes can improve the surface quality in preparation for further decorative finishes.


Each offers different surface textures, from shiny and mirrored to rough or patterned. Consider the above types of mechanical finishing processes individually or in combination to enhance the finished effect of your product.


aluminum extrusion for formwork




Effective pretreatment relies on a high-quality chemical formulation to properly remove all dirt from aluminum or other metal surfaces, resulting in a better surface finish for metal parts. Aluminum is cleaned with alkaline or acidic materials, followed by the application of a pretreatment coating that enhances the adhesion of the paint or powder, thus providing greater resistance to corrosion.


Pretreatment not only improves the adhesion of the coating to the surface but also reduces the rate of surface corrosion.




Whether you are designing a thermal break double glass facade, aluminium garden room, aluminium bi-folding door, or using aluminum windows and doors for your home, and aluminum extruded profile will be a critical part of your project. The aluminum finishes are critical to getting the best results for your aluminum applications.


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