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Xiangzhen specialises in the production of aluminium profiles, aluminium windows price, etc. We are located in Foshan, the birthplace of aluminium profiles in China, and Foshan aluminium is hot sold all over the world and has earned a good reputation among our customers.

Our aluminum products are renowned both at home and abroad. When it comes to choosing aluminium windows price, Xiangzhen will be the ideal choice for you.

Aluminium windows have been gaining popularity in recent years due to their modern, sleek look and durability. They have become a go-to option for homeowners and builders alike. The demand for aluminium windows has grown so much that they are now available in a wide range of styles and designs to fit any home aesthetic.

At XIANGZHEN, we specialize in providing high-quality aluminium windows at an affordable price. In this article, we will explore the applications, pros, cons, and frequently asked questions about aluminium windows pricing.


Aluminium windows are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, including residential and commercial buildings. They are ideal for large windows, sliding doors, and bi-fold doors. They are also suitable for use in coastal areas as they are highly resistant to salt corrosion.


One of the biggest advantages of aluminium windows is their durability. They are resistant to weather, rust, and corrosion. They also require minimal maintenance and can last for decades with proper care. Additionally, aluminium windows are lightweight, making them easy to install and handle. They are also highly energy-efficient, as they can be designed with thermal breaks to help insulate your home and reduce energy costs.


One of the biggest drawbacks of aluminium windows is their thermal conductivity. They are highly conductive, which can lead to heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. However, this issue can be addressed through the use of thermal breaks or double glazing. Another potential drawback is that aluminium windows are not as customizable as other materials, such as timber. However, advancements in technology have made it possible to create a wide range of designs and finishes.

Popular FAQ:

Q: Are aluminium windows expensive? A: The cost of aluminium windows varies depending on several factors, such as the size, style, and finish. At XIANGZHEN, we offer affordable options without sacrificing quality.

Q: Can I paint aluminium windows? A: Yes, you can paint aluminium windows. However, it is important to use a specialized paint and follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure a long-lasting finish.

Q: Are aluminium windows eco-friendly? A: Aluminium windows are highly recyclable and can be reused indefinitely. They are also energy-efficient, making them a more sustainable option for your home.

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Aluminium windows are a durable, energy-efficient, and stylish option for any home or building. At XIANGZHEN, we offer a wide range of options at an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.