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8 Steps Of Aluminium Extrusion Process
23 May, 2023

8 Steps Of Aluminium Extrusion Process

Aluminium extrusion is a highly versatile manufacturing process used to create various shapes and profiles from aluminium alloys. This method offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, design freedom, and the capacity to create intricate shapes. Understanding the basic procedures involved in aluminium extrusion is crucial for both industry experts and enthusiasts. Below are the steps outlining the intricacies of the aluminium extrusion process:

Step 1: Billet Selection

The first step in the aluminium extrusion process is the selection of the billet. A billet is a solid cylindrical or rectangular shape of aluminium that serves as the raw material for extrusion. The choice of billet depends on factors such as alloy composition, desired extrusion profile, and end-use application. Billets are typically produced by pouring molten aluminium into specialized molds or through a method known as direct cold casting.

Industrial Aluminum Profile

Industrial Aluminum Profile

Step 2: Heating The Billet

Once the billet is selected, it undergoes a preheating process to soften the aluminium and make it more malleable. The billet is heated in a furnace to a specific temperature, which varies according to the alloy. This temperature ensures that the aluminium is flexible enough to be extruded without compromising its structural integrity.

Step 3: Extrusion Die Design

The extrusion die is a critical component of the process responsible for shaping the aluminium into the desired profile. The die is designed based on the specifications provided by the customer or the product designer. The die design considers the required form, dimensions, tolerances, and surface polish of the extruded profile. Advanced computer-aided design (CAD) and simulation techniques are often used to optimize die design.

Partition Aluminum Profile

Partition Aluminum Profile

Step 4: Extrusion Process

Once the billet reaches the desired temperature and the die is ready, the extrusion process begins. The billet is loaded into the extrusion press, which consists of a chamber with a ram or a plunger. The press applies tremendous force to the billet, forcing it through the die. The pressure exerted during extrusion can range from 10 to 100 MPa, depending on the complexity of the profile.

Step 5: Cooling And Straightening

After the extruded profile emerges from the die, it undergoes a cooling and straightening process. The profile is typically cooled using water or air to facilitate solidification and maintain its shape. Straightening is done to ensure that the profile meets dimensional criteria. This stage may involve mechanical straightening, where the extrusion passes through straightening rollers, or stretch straightening, where hydraulic or mechanical devices stretch the profile.

Step 6: Heat Treatment

In certain cases, heat treatment is required to enhance the mechanical properties and optimize the structure of the extruded aluminium. Heat treatment processes, such as solution heat treatment, quenching, and ageing, are employed to achieve the desired strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum Construction Profile

Aluminum Construction Profile

Step 7: Surface Finishing

To improve the appearance and protect the extruded profile, various surface finishing techniques can be applied. These include anodizing, powder coating, painting, polishing, or mechanical surface treatments.

Step 8: Cutting And Fabrication

Once cooled, straightened, heat-treated, and polished, the extruded profile is cut to the necessary lengths or fabricated into specified forms. Cutting is typically performed using saws, shears, or CNC machining. Fabrication processes such as drilling, tapping, punching, and bending may also be employed to create holes, slots, or complex configurations in the extruded profiles.



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