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Is Aluminum Alloy the Same as Aluminum Profiles?
22 Sep, 2022

Is Aluminum Alloy the Same as Aluminum Profiles?


Aluminum plays an integral role in our daily lives. The finished aluminium window&door and aluminum extrusion curtain walls you often see are inseparable from aluminum alloys or aluminum extrusions.


People are often confused about whether aluminum alloys and aluminum profiles are the same. In the building materials market, one is aluminum alloy and the other is aluminum profile. Although there are many similarities between the two, there are also certain differences. This article briefly introduces the difference and relationship between aluminum alloy and aluminum profile.


heat sink aluminium profile


Customized Heat Sink Aluminium Profile


Are Aluminum Alloys the Same as Aluminum Profiles?


Aluminum Alloy


Aluminum alloy is a kind of aluminum material, which refers to an alloy mixed with pure aluminum and other metals, such as aluminum-manganese alloy, aluminum-copper alloy, and more.


Aluminum alloys are a widely used non-ferrous metal structural material, which has been widely used in automobile, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, and other industries. Compared with aluminum, aluminum alloy has the advantages of easy processing, high durability, decorative effect, wide application range, rich color, and good luster.


Aluminum alloys are generally divided into deformed aluminum alloys and cast aluminum alloys. The deformed aluminum alloy can be processed by hot and cold pressure such as rolling and extrusion and can generate profiles such as plates, bars, wires, and tubes. Cast aluminum alloy is an aluminum alloy produced by the middle pouring method. It has a good casting function and can produce various shapes.


Aluminum Profile


Aluminum profiles refer to formed products, and products made of aluminum alloys or aluminum can be called aluminum profiles. Aluminum extruded profiles are materials with different cross-sectional shapes obtained by hot-melting and extrusion processes and have the advantages of corrosion resistance, formability, and recyclability.


For a better decorative effect, improved corrosion resistance, and prolonged service life, aluminum extruded profiles are generally subjected to surface treatment such as anodizing and powder coating. The commonly used aluminum profiles include aluminum panels, finished aluminium window&door, aluminum extrusion curtain walls, partition aluminum profiles, heat sink aluminium profiles, solar energy aluminium profiles, and many more.


industrial aluminum profile


Extrusion Industrial Aluminum Profile Alloy 6063T5


The Relationship Between Aluminum Alloy and Aluminum Profile


The aluminum profile is an application form of aluminum alloy, which means that aluminum alloy is a kind of material but aluminum profile refers to a product.


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